Ali’s Alliance is a Non-profit organization that provides a free, web-based information portal offering information about resources and support to the cancer community of survivors, patients and caregivers. When founder David Cowan’s wife Alison was diagnosed in 2010 with a rare and aggressive cancer, they were lost and without guidance looking for therapies and assistance. Ali’s Alliance works to mitigate the confusion and anxiety that accompanies managing and battling cancer.  The website provides access to a directory of resources and support that is organized geographically to assist in locating support as close to home as possible.  Access to the search portal is free to all that want to use it. Additionally, Ali’s Alliance provides an opportunity for all individuals and businesses that provide support, treatment, therapies or any cancer related resource to list what they do and in doing so make easier for those that need them to find them. Basic listings are always free of charge. Join the directory here:    

Additionally, Ali’s Alliance provides a 24/7 newsfeed of articles regarding therapies and lifestyle choices from around the world organized by type of cancer. Future planned offerings include connections to information on clinical trials and a discussion board to facilitate peer-to-peer support.

Ali’s Alliance is supported entirely by donations and sponsorships.

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Ali’s Alliance is an IRS registered 501(c)3 organization.  Ali’s Alliance is a Florida Registered fundraising organization and a Florida Non-Profit Corporation.